International Creator Day

April 23, 2021

International Creator Day is an opportunity to celebrate content creators, big and small, that have made an impact on your life. The creator community does so much good - they inspire us, educate us, entertain us, and comfort us in times of need, and they deserve to be celebrated.

Join us for an 8-hour Live Stream Party! 

To properly celebrate International Creator Day, we are hosting an 8-hour Live Stream Party on the TubeBuddy YouTube channel, this Friday, April 23, from 8 AM - 4 PM PT.

Join some of your favorite creators like Ali Abdaal, Nick Nimmin, ThatDenverGuy, and Tim Schmoyer for fun-filled day of interviews, games, and celebrations. We will also be giving away lots of awesome prizes from partners like Joby, SoundStripe, EComm, SwitchPod, Elgato, Restream and more.


How to Celebrate International Creator Day

Share Your Love for Creators

Recognize the creators who have made an impact in your life by tagging them and sharing their story out to your social community using #creatorday and #creatorswhoinspire while encouraging others to do the same.

Visit TubeBuddy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for special challenges that get you entered to win some awesome prizes.

Join the Live Stream Celebration

Come check out the Live Stream on Friday, April 23 from 8 AM - 4 PM PT at to hear from some of your favorite creators, play some games, and win some giveaways.

Collaborate with a New Creator

Celebrate and help promote a new or up-and-coming creator by partnering up on a collaboration for your channels.

Become a Creator Yourself

If you have ever considered becoming a creator, use this day as a way to kick off your new venture by recording or uploading your first piece of content. Or if you are already a creator, test out that new idea you have been thinking about, try live streaming for the first time, or post your content to a new platform.

The History of International Creator Day

International Creator Day is being founded on April 23, 2021 as a way to celebrate the creator community and to encourage people to recognize the impact content creators have made on the lives of so many.

This day was chosen because on April 23, 2005, the first video was uploaded to YouTube and unofficially launched the era of social content creators. YouTube paved the way for other creator-based platforms and continues to be a destination for the community.

Creators deserve to be celebrated because their presence and content help people through hard times, like COVID, by providing comfort and a sense of community and belonging. They bring knowledge and education about a range of topics to people who may not otherwise have access to that type of information. They build movements and communities to connect people through shared values. And they provide entertainment and mental escape during the times when we need it most. The creator community makes an impact on so many lives and we feel like they are worth celebrating. 

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